Easy  Riced Potatoes

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I use a potato ricer and a few tricks to give them the perfect fluffy texture. You will want to make them this way every time!

You will need...

Yukon Gold potatoes Kosher salt Whole milk Garlic Fresh thyme Dried bay leaves Unsalted butter



A potato ricer, wooden spoon, large pot and mixing bowl, knife, vegetable peeler, sauce pan, and cutting board

It's amazing!

These creamy riced potatoes are ready in under an hour and perfect for a dinner side dish!

Flour Bowl

Boil, then simmer potatoes until tender.


Drain the potatoes, then stir them while they're dry.


Heat milk and butter with herbs on the stove.


Pass the hot potatoes through a ricer into a bowl. Make sure they're hot!


Discard herbs from the milk mixture, then gradually mix the milk into the potatoes.


There you have it: a perfect bowl of riced potatoes. Enjoy!


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