Papas Con Chorizo (Sheet Pan Recipe)

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This is a one-sheet side dish, which means all you need to do is toss the ingredients together, add them to a sheet pan, and roast it in the oven!

You will need...

Chorizo links Fingerling potatoes  Olive oil Garlic powder Paprika Chili powder Peri-Peri Sauce Lemon Green onions  Toothpicks


It's amazing!

This is a Spanish recipe that translates to potatoes and sausage, but this is so much more than your average sausage and potatoes recipe!

Flour Bowl

Preheat oven to 375ºF. Remove the casing from the chorizo and slice into ¼ inch medallions.


Slice fingerling potatoes into ¼ inch slices.


In a bowl, mix olive oil with  garlic powder,  paprika, and chili powder.


Add the potatoes and chorizo to the bowl and toss with the olive oil mixture.


Place on a sheet pan and bake for 45-50 minutes.


Serve with a small bowl of peri-peri sauce. Sprinkle with green onion and lemon juice. Enjoy!


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