Broccoli Salad  with Apples

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Complete with a savory, sweet, and tangy dressing, it's ready to enjoy in just 10 minutes!

You will need...

Broccoli Carrot Red onion Apples Pecan Cranberries Turkey Mayonnaise Nonfat Greek yogurt Lemon juice Sugar Salt and pepper


It's amazing!

The apples are the perfect complement to broccoli, and with savory onions, carrots, and pecans, it could not get more delicious!

Flour Bowl

Cut broccoli florets into bite-sized pieces.


Slice apples into thin slices, then cut those slices in half.


Break pecans into small pieces, thinly slice red onions, and slice deli turkey into pieces.


Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl.


Mix mayo, yogurt, lemon, sugar, salt and pepper together until smooth and creamy. Pour it over the salad.


Mix it all together and serve chilled. Enjoy your wholesome salad!


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