Arugula Burrata Salad

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Burrata cheese, prosciutto, lemon, and parmesan pair perfectly in this easy salad!

You will need...

Lemon (for juicing) Prosciutto Arugula Parmesan Sea salt Fresh black pepper Burrata cheese Olive oil


It's amazing!

Learn how to make burrata salad with just a handful of ingredients in 5 minutes!

Flour Bowl

Layer arugula on a plate, platter, or in a deep bowl.


Rest ribbons of prosciutto on top of the arugula, or mix it in if using a bowl.


Add burrata cheese to the salad whole or shredded using your hands.


Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over the top, then add shaved parmesan cheese.


Enjoy your delicious burrata salad!


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