Asian Cabbage Salad

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Serve up a crunchy, beautiful side for your next Asian-inspired dinner with my Asian Slaw Recipe! It's colorful, fresh, and full of flavor.

You will need...

green cabbage red cabbage carrot cilantro green onion apple cider vinegar sugar sesame oil salt and pepper


It's amazing!

My Asian Slaw Recipe is a crunchy, flavorful, refreshing side that comes together in minutes and will be the perfect pairing for any meal!

Flour Bowl

Thinly slice both kinds of cabbage, shred the carrot, and chop the cilantro and green onion, then add everything to a large bowl.


Toss the ingredients well until everything is evenly coated.


Refrigerate if desired; coleslaw does best when it's left to rest for at least a few hours!


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