Air Fryer Carrots

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With only four ingredients and five minutes of prep, my Air Fryer Carrots will have perfectly fork-tender and delicious carrots on the table in no time!

You will need...

– Carrots – Olive oil – Salt – Pepper


It's easy!

These are the best air fryer carrots I've ever tried, cooking to perfect tenderness and done in a matter of minutes!

Flour Bowl

Wash the carrots well, and cut off the caps and ends.


If desired, peel the carrots. Cut all the carrots in half to make two sticks each, or more if preferred.


Combine the carrots, salt, pepper and oil in a mixing bowl, and toss to coat.


Spread out the coated carrots in the air fryer basket.


Cook at 400°F for 12 minutes, turning the carrots halfway through. Adjust cooking time for thinner cut carrots.


Serve and enjoy!


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